Pin Brush 美容梳
  Coat King 整毛梳
  Grooming Comb 全系列美容排梳
  Stripper 拔毛刀
  Fur King (De-Shedding combs)
Fur King (De-Shedding combs)
  Razor 除結刀
  Show leads 賽級專用牽引繩
  Slicker Brush 英國原木柄軟性針梳
  Nail clip 指甲剪
  Shedding brush 水刀
  Scissor Case 置剪包
  Grooming Apron 美容服
  Stick Up 專業用髮髻飾毛膠
  Stripping Stone 刮毛輕石
  Grooming Table Harness
  Band Scissors 橡皮筋剪
  Water Bottle Feeder 飲水器
  Clipper 電剪組
  Pure White 漂白劑
  Whitening Powder 美白粉
  Sheen Spray 順毛噴劑
  Shears 直剪
  Thinners 專業用打薄剪
  Aluminum Shear 鋁合金直剪
  Aluminum Thinners 鋁合金打薄剪
  Styptic Powder
  Grooming Loop (Nylon style) 美容桌吊繩(尼龍)
  Until To Sell Out 特會出清品
Fur King (De-Shedding combs) / Fur King (De-Shedding combs)
Non-Slip comfortable handle come with 3 sizes De-Shedding blade combs, easy to replace on each size. Width: S-50mm, Medium-76mm, Large-100mm. Colors Available: Baby Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange.
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